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Adventures into the Unknown! #1 (1990)

Adventures into the Unknown! #1. Publisher Roger Broughton. Quebeck, Canada: Sword In Stone Publications, [1990?] (Canada). [2+44+2] p. ; b&w. (stabled) $2:50 US ; $2:95 CAN. Cover Art by Frank Frazetta. Reprint of the painting Fire Demon, first published as the book cover for Swords Against Darkness (Zebra Books, 1977).

[Supernatural & Science Fiction & Fantasy Comics; Reprints; b&w]


Dog Days. Script: Nicola Cuti. Pencils: Joe Staton. Inks: Joe Staton. Letters: Joe Staton. Editing: George Wildman (original editor). D-6148. Reprinted from Midnight Tales (Charlton, 1972 series) #9 (October 1974) p. [1-6].

The Timeless Tribe!. Script: Richard Hughes [as Adam Barr]. Pencils: Kenneth Landau [as Ken Landau]. Inks: Kenneth Landau [as Ken Landau]. Letters: ?. Editing: Richard E. Hughes (original editor). Reprinted from Forbidden Worlds (American Comics Group, 1951 series) #145 (August 1967). p. [7-19].

Demon of Destruction. Script: ?. Pencils: Frank Frazetta. Inks: Al Williamson. Letters: ?. Editing: Richard E. Hughes (original editor). Reprinted from Forbidden Worlds (American Comics Group, 1951 series) #1 (July-August 1951). p. [21-30].

Dawn at Stonehenge. Script: Tom Himes. Pencils: Mike Zeck. Inks: Mike Zeck. Letters: ?. Editing: George Wildman (original editor). D-7676. Reprinted from Monster Hunters (Charlton, 1975 series) #6 (July 1976). p. [32-39].

Stalking the Strangler. (anonymous short story). Reprinted from Monster Hunters (Charlton, 1975 series) #8 (November 1976). . p. [40].

The Strange Mr. Milque. Script: Nicola Cuti. Pencils: Tom Sutton. Inks: Tom Sutton. Letters: Tom Sutton. Editing: George Wildman (original editor). D-6309. Reprinted from Midnight Tales (Charlton, 1972 series) #10 (December 1974). p. [40-46].

Haunted Houses. Script: ?. Pencils: Enrique Nieto [as Fred Nieto]. Inks: Enrique Nieto [as Fred Nieto]. Letters: ?. D-7831. Synopsis: Col. Whiteshroud describes different types of haunted houses. Reprinted from Monster Hunters (Charlton, 1975 series) #8 (November 1976). p. [47]

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All the books with dates of 1990 are 10.5 inches tall, which is 1/2 an inch taller than the standard comic book. This means that they don't fit standard comic book bags, boards or boxes and tend to have the top of the book bent. It may be difficult to find unbent copies. All these books have the same Frazetta Museum ad on the back cover.

Issues with dates of 1991 are only 10 inches tall and are standard size which reduces the likelyhood of them geting bent tops. These issues all have the same "Thief of Sherwood" ad on the back cover.

General Info:

After publishing Corbo#1 in 1987, Sword In Stone Productions (in 1988) bought parts of the comic book division of Charlton Publications, which had effectivly ceased publishing in 1986. In 1989, Roger Broughton (publisher of Sword In Stone) then bought the rights to past American Comics Group material. Almost all the material published under this A-Plus imprint, which started in 1990, are reprints from those two companies. Starting in the mid-1990's Broughton began publishing from those same sources of material under the name America's Comic Group (ACG)/Avalon Communications.

"This company's [A-Plus] line consists of new and reprint material, including classic stories from Charlton and ACG archives, as well as having an exclusive licence to reproduce the classic paintings of Frank Frazetta as comic covers! This month sees the debut of a real cult favorite, Herbie, and also two series with Frazetta covers." from Diamond Comic Distributors' Previews #18, A-Plus Comics first listing.

Overall, A+ Comics published 28 comic books over a 2 year period.

K3 - front cover top edge some wear (see picture) - etukannen yläreunassa kulumaa (katso kuva)

paino 48 g -> 2. luokan kirje 0,80€

The Art of Moebius (1990)

Edited by Byron Preiss. Associate editors Jean-Marc & Randy Lofficier. Art director Alex Jay. Designer Robbin Brosterman. Introductions by George Lucas & Jean-Michael Lofficier. Forword by Byron Preiss. New York: Byron Preiss Visual Publications Inc for Marvel Enterprises / Epic Comics, Oct 1989. [96] p. (sc) $14.95. Cover Art by Moebius. [Science Fiction Art]

K3 - softcover album, some folding on top corder of the album (see picture) - pehmeäkantinen albumi, niteen yläreunassa taittumaa (katso kuva)

paino 320 g -> suurempi helpostikuori 2€

Bizarre Comix Volume 24. Bélier Press, 1986

Bizarre Comix Volume 24
[Comics - Pornography / Bongdage / SM]

Publisher: Belier Press, New York
Series Title: Bizarre Comix
Issue(s): 1 through 6 (1st & 2nd printings), 7 through 24
Cover Date: 1975-1986, reprints of 1-6 from 2002

In the 1950s, Irving Klaw contracted with many artists to produce comic serials for his mail order business. Illustrators included Gene (Eneg) Bilbrew, Eric Stanton, Mario, Adolfo Ruiz, (Swiss) Jim, Jay and others.

The originals arranged each multi-panel episode in a rectangle that was chemically printed on photo paper. With both vertical and horizontal orientations, the photo sheets' panels were often adjacent to a block of narrative text. Mr. Klaw advertised these episodes in bulletins he would mail to customers and in men's magazines. To avoid conflict with postal authorities, the comic images never showed nudity or sexual conduct.

The erotic weight of these works was expressed through the restraints, poses they produced, and fetish costumes of both the damsels in dressage and their sexy captors. Some serials described rubber attire and bondage situations as hobbies. Some stories involved tyrannical households, institutions, adventures or kidnapping.

This erotic art from the culturally tormented, post-World War II period would be lost to the 21st century if Bélier Press hadn't published the pages in the multi-volume Bizarre Comics series in the late 1970s and early 1980s. The innovative works of these talented men were preserved in print, each episode and each serial complete.


K3 - A4-size stabled comic album, no balloons but instead text under illustration, some wear (see picture) - A4-kokoinen sarjakuva-albumi, ei puhekuplia vaan teksti kuvan alla, hieman kulumaa (katso kuva)

paino 172 g -> suurempi helpostikuori 2€

The Photo-Journal Guide to Marvel Comics Vol. 4 (K-Z) hc

The Photo-Journal Guide to Marvel Comics Vol. 4 - KZ. Author & Photographer Ernst W. Gerber. Introdustion by Stan Lee. Data compiled by Paul Theiss. Nevada, Minden: Published by Gerber Publishing Co., Inc., 1991. 170 p. ; color illustrations. ISBN 0-9623328-5-2 (hc) : .3900 color Photos.

Reintroduction / Key / RV1. p. B-2.
Collecting Marvel Comics. p. B-2 - B-3.
Grading, Buying, Selling and Investment. p. B-4 - B-5.
Storage / Preservation / Restoration. p. B-5 - B-6.

What the first Photo-Journal volumes did for the classic comics of the Golden and Silver Ages, these beautiful hardcovers do for Marvel Comics, reproducing over 7,700 covers from the dawn of the Marvel Age to 1986! Here are the classic runs of fan-favorite and forgotten titles - reproducing each cover in full-color, photographed from the best possible copies of each issue available. Volume 4 picks up where Volume 3 left off, and features runs of such Silver to Modern Age Marvel comics as Ka-Zar, Marvel Team-Up, Power Man, Tales to Astonish, Two-Gun Kid, Uncanny X-Men, and many, many more - all presented in a colorful, informative format; the perfect reference guide for any comic collector or historian! []

This is the second of two volumes and presents titles beginning from "Kazar" to "the Uncanny X-Men." "Captain America" is in this volume, because his first series of the Marvel Age began in "Tales of Suspense" which eventually became his own title. For the same reason, "the Mighty Thor" is not (because he premiered in "Journey into Mystery" and kept the numbering). Thus "Thor" covers appear in volume 1: A through J. []

K4 - hardcover book with dustjacket in good condition, dustjacket cover plastic warped on front and back (see picture) - kovakantinen kansipaperillinen kirja hyvässä kunnossa, kansipaperin muovitus ryppyinen edestä ja takaa (katso kuva)

paino 1402 g -> pakettina 7,20€