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Un viaje al planeta Marte

Un viaje al planeta Marte (Coleccion Nick-Fox) [The Journey to the planet Mars]

On April 8, 1933 first issue published. Edited by J. Sanxo later Sancho, in Barcelona. 24 booklets in the series "Collection Nick Fox" titled Un viaje al Planeta Marte [A Journey to the Planet Mars], which had preceded the 16 issues in the same series titled Un viaje al Polo Norte [A trip to North Pole].
The issues 1 to 16, included in back cover summary of planetary worlds by Flammarion, appeared edited by J. Sanxo. Parts 17 to 24 included advertising and the edited by J. Sancho.

Edited by J. Sanxo / J. Sancho.

"Until one day when I come to Earth, a black star collides with them and Nick Fox wakes up in bed screaming: "The sideroplano burns in space! There is no salvation." Everything has been a dream of the boy and with this hackneyed action ensures that the novel is part of the collection Nick Fox."


Un viaje al planeta Marte:

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